Madame Loulou – La tua creatività diventa dolce, colorata ed accattivante…

Madame LoulouMadame Loulou ti accompagna per mano nella creazione del tuo dolce. Prodotti semplici da utilizzare, decorazioni di alto livello…. il tutto condito da suggerimenti sulle ultime tendenze lanciate dai più famosi Chef di Pasticceria.
Madame Loulou ci tiene molto alla salute dei suoi consumatori e dedica particolare attenzione alle ricette impiegando ingredienti di alta qualità, scrupolosamente selezionati.

Chi è Rue Flambée

Rue Flambée Italia is a young and modern company, based
on the long experience acquired during the years by its founders in the field
of pastry, confectionery, catering and foodservice.
Founded originally to provide support to Chefs, cafeterias and industries, it has approached the great distribution, too, thanks to a constant proposal of new products, which are the result of an international know-how.
Rue Flambée Italia aims to completely satisfy its customers’ requests and
does so through a careful research
and an accurate raw material selection, involving its employees,
staff and suppliers, and also thanks
to highly specialized technological solutions, designed in order to optimize productivity and food safety.
The wide range of products developed meets different tastes, textures and colors and allows the customers to create high quality delicious desserts and inviting appetizers in a simple and quick way, while still leaving free play to the Customer’s creativity.

Our Skills

R&D | Innovazione e Ricerca 100
Alta Qualita delle materie prime 100
Soddisfazione del Cliente 100
Marchio 100